The Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority is a cornerstone of the infrastructures for quality in the State of Israel. In general, advanced countries engaged in international trade have signed agreements through the World Trade Organization (WTO). As part of the infrastructure for quality that enables international trade, Israel has established the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority (ISRAC), with clear criteria that comply with what is being done around the world. Working according to international criteria in harmony with the other countries encourages trust in the Israeli measurement and testing systems, and non-tariff borders (NTB) have been removed on the basis of this trust. Laboratory services relate to numerous fields in our daily lives. Everyday, people use/buy products that have been examined by laboratories, or directly purchase laboratory services:

  • You expect the water coming from the sink in your home to be tested and found suitable for drinking.
  • You expect the fruits and vegetables at the store to be sold only after they have been tested to prove they are free of bacteriological contaminants or harmful levels of pesticide residue.
  • When putting gas in your car, you want to believe that the meter showing the amount of fuel for which you have to pay is accurate.
  • When you purchase or rent a building, you expect it to be built from materials that have been tested and found to comply with accepted standards, and that they are suitable for use in construction.
  • If you or someone in your family becomes ill and needs to undergo laboratory tests to help the doctor diagnose the problem, it is important that you obtain reliable results that will ensure proper treatment of the disease.
  • When you purchase any type of product, you want to be certain that it has been tested and found suitable for its intended use.
  • An exporter in the international market who wants to import an Israeli product, will do so on condition that it has been tested according to, and complies with, international standards.

    The nature of laboratory services demands professional knowledge in the related field, knowledge that, for the most part, the customer does not have. For this reason ISRAC employs the finest professionals, who are entrusted with performing tests in accordance with international regulations. ISRACís mission is to
    ďpromote the quality and professional competence of conformity assessment bodies in harmonization with the world, for the well being of the State of Israel and its citizens.Ē

    Who, in addition to private citizens, can benefit from ISRACís activities?
  • Government ministries
  • Enforcement agencies
  • Local authorities
  • Standards bodies
  • Large-scale purchasers

    One of our primary objectives was to obtain international recognition for the fact that we perform testing in compliance with international standards. During this recognition process, ISRAC had to undergo two assessments:
  • A preliminary, 3-day assessment held in November 2000, and conducted by Jurgen Blum from the Danish accreditation organization DANAK, and Eng. Peter Unger, president of A2LA in the United States.
  • A complete, 5-day assessment that took place in March 2001, conducted by Jurgen Blum from the Danish accreditation organization DANAK; Eng. Peter Unger, president of A2LA in the United States; and Henick Dekers, from the Dutch accreditation organization, RvA.

    The opinion given by the assessors stated that ISRAC has personnel at the highest professional level, as well as a quality systems and procedures which fully meet with ISO/IEC Guide 58Ē (the international standard for accreditation organizations). The assessors noted that the level of professional expertise at ISRAC was much higher than the average in other countries they had assessed. The recognition process led to the signing of a mutual recognition agreement (MRA) between ISRAC and the umbrella organization of accreditation bodies, the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and the European Accreditation (EA).
    ISRAC also works with representatives from the various government ministries and large, influential organizations, in order to meet the needs of the Israeli economy.
    Cooperation with government ministries and the stateís enforcement agencies ensures that ISRACís main efforts are directed towards the key issues of concern in the economy. Such cooperation will also make the laboratory approval and recognition processes more efficient, and will save resources for laboratories and their customers. It is ISRACís policy to promote topics in the following fields: International trade, industry and national infrastructures, such as those in agricultural and health-related fields. ISRACís activity emphasizes and gives priority to aspects relating to health, environmental quality, product quality and safety of use.
    ISRACís employees diligently work to publish information that has been accumulated, as well as information about ISRAC, among its customers, consumers and opinion-makers.
    It is our hope that dissemination of this information through various means, the transparency of ISRACís work methods, satisfactory and reliable service and international recognition, will help to increase the trust Israeli enforcement agencies have placed in ISRAC, and they will learn to use ISRAC as a tool that the state has made available to them in order to improve quality.
    On ISRAC site you will be able to find information about ISRACís activities and the laboratory accreditation process. You will also find articles on subjects related to laboratory activity, such as: The science of measurement (metrology), the uncertainty of measurement, comparative inter-laboratory proficiency testing (PT), proper laboratory management, and more.
    For the convenience of the laboratoriesí customers, ISRAC publishes on its site a list of accredited laboratories and the types of testing for which they are accredited. Insist on seeing the laboratoryís testing certificate with the logo of the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority, and ensure you obtain reliable testing services.